More than 90% of the internet users are constantly searching through various engines for new business and information. This is the era of search engines and there are many trends that have created a storm in the virtual world. SEO is one of these factors. Internet marketers realize the significance of these and their expenditure on it has increased phenomenally.

There are certain aspects that we do not realize in the beginning as these become clearer with experience and time. Some of these are given below.

  1. The importance of social media was not appreciated so much in the beginning. People did not realize the impact and reach of social media on SEO. Now more than 70% of sellers use this medium to improve and push their SEO. Their content needs to be on the top of SERP and for that, they need to improve their social presence. All search engines, at least the major ones are indexing social media content and these are among the top results of searches most of the times.
  2. Videos are integral to search results. We do not realize that searches have more than 50% video content across the search engines. Now the most significant engines have started giving more attention to blended results. The reason is that the videos engage people more than anything else. The people, who realized the significance of videos in SEO, have created a lasting impression and their visibility improved many times. Do not discount the use of voice searches and backlinks. These are critical to You can use the expired domains, and use their backlinks for SEO with better content.
  3. The device of choice for surfing the internet and searching for products has gone many changes in the last few years.From desktop to laptop to tablets and now mobile. People search for products from anywhere and on the move. The business website needs to be mobile friendly. The SEO strategies and content, both need to be created according to changing scenario and need to be designed accordingly.

It is better to search for more information and create a website that is based on latest requirement and suitable for the changing scenario. That is the way to go forward in the virtual world.