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Buy Real YouTube Views – What Is YouTube Take On It?

The internet’s video sharing giant YouTube is not successful without any reason. It is the number one site that people go to for watching popular videos on the internet. It allows you to easily upload your videos on the internet for free. But you can also earn money from your videos if you can get more people to watch them.

The drawback about YouTube videos is that, the thumbnail only gives an idea of what the content could be. Unless you view the video, you won’t know how good or bad it is going to be. The attention span of people on the internet is so low that they don’t want to be wasting their time on a video that is not interesting.

So, the easiest way that people use to find if a video is popular is by looking at its view count. This is the number of times that the video has been watched by people. Naturally a high view count means that it is something of great interest, at least to the majority of the people.

So the best way to market your video is to have a high view count. This way your video will appear in the top search results on YouTube. As there are so many videos on YouTube, waiting for yours to get the required view count can take time. But you can speed up the process when you hire a third party to promote your videos. That is you can actually buy real YouTube views.

But YouTube expects you to do it the legitimate way. This means that the likes or the view counts of your video should have been made by real people and not bots. Your video may be removed by YouTube if any of the following is detected by them.

  • That your view count was purchased from a third-party website
  • Click bait that land people to your video
  • Pop-under windows that are actually pop-up ads that appear under the current window
  • Redirecting users to your video from another website