After you select your affordable web development in Glasgow, you need to ensure that your points are conveyed well.  The customer is here on your website looking for something particular. If that message is not explicit or if he feels he is not satisfied, he will not linger on your page any longer.

There are a few factors that you can look at to see what is working on the website and what will make it more successful.

  • Conversion rate

The main purpose of a website is to convert the prospective window shoppers into confirmed customers. The look of the website along with its feasibility and accessibility must aid the high-quality products in their attempts to hook the viewer. This conversion rate is the deciding factor that states what works and what does not.

  • Task conversion

Conversion rate means you have your eyes on the prize. That is a good sign. What about those who visited but did not buy anything? You should have an idea why they stopped short of their target. At what point did they stop and decide that it was not worth it? The answer to this question can help you solve many issues and improve the conversion rate.

  • Rush hours

It is a good idea to study the behavioural pattern of the buyers. There are peak days and then there are slow days. When studying key performance indicators, this can provide a good insight on the success of the page.

  • Sharing of page

The more satisfied the customer, the more likely is he to recommend the same to his friends. This is a good way to know what that number is.

Keep an eye on these key performance indicators at all times. They are what will help you ensure that you are on the path to reaching your goal.