The white label SMS solution platform helps the resellers as well as the managed service providers to supply a group text messaging service to the clients. The SMS service is beneficial to the sellers and the MSPs for many financial reasons. It also helps to increase brand awareness and builds the loyalty of the clients.

The advertising and the marketing agencies can also make use of the platform to integrate the text messages marketing into the mobile marketing campaigns. The developers can build the private label SMS service into the web application.

Why do you need a branded group text message service?


The key elements of the mobile marketing strategy are the text message marketing. Most of the well-known companies dedicate a major portion of the mobile marketing budget to text message marketing because it is cost effective, has ease of use and also offers greater reach. Many of the noncommercial organizations take to use the service to encourage engagement and to get their messages heard by the clients.

The service is in great demand by organizations and businesses of all sizes. It helps to enhance the existing portfolio of the service. It helps to also attract new clients with the platform and also lets you cross sell your existing services.

The platform is also easy to be customised. All that you need to do is to provide the logo and the banners and the company will build for you a text messaging application that is all of your own. You could also tailor make it by choosing from the colour schemes and codes to get the design that you want.

You re also allowed to price the credits, packages and the keywords. You do not need to purchase the keywords and credits, instead, when the client and the customers make a purchase, the difference between the cost and the process is what you earn.