Ever thought about what impact the social media likes are having on your brain? Why has it become so addictive?

So I got my new job and the first thing that I did was posted the message on my Facebook page for those 1000 friends of whom many I don’t even remember, the remaining half I may have never met after my school days and the remaining few that I must have occasionally crossed when going to work or in some parties.

Nowadays the scenario is such that you are more interested in the likes and the comments than in the actual event. You also have websites that let you know the best place to get twitter followers.

You want to be accepted

The likes and the comments have become the way in which you feel socially accepted. Even among those people who were and will never be a part of your integral life.

I remember the first date that I had been to. I was more interested in the likes that were to follow once I posted the pictures on the social media sites than on the date itself. This virtual attention has pulled almost everyone to it. But what one needs to know is that if it is anything really wrong in seeking this attention? Is it not the same as you seek approval in your day to day life? It is important to realize how the growing power of these social media likes and comments are in fact affecting each one of us both mentally and physically.

Social media gives us a high, and this is only psychological. This is also the reason why we keep going to it over and over again. You get a little of dopamine every time someone likes or comments on your social media post. The hit is the same that you feel when you get drunk. The social media likes give you the reward and you want more of it.